Signature Blends Collection 10 Pack Gift Set

Any cook worth their salt knows you need the right tools to get the job done, so consider this curated collection your culinary toolbox. Exceptionally versatile, this beautiful gift set spans the flavour spectrum and the globe in just 10 tins! From Harissa and Golden Milk to Chilli Lime and Everything Bagel Seasoning, this collection is the fun stuff, the crowd favorites, the exotic, the familiar, and the pack that everyone wants! Collection Includes: Golden Milk, Everything Bagel Seasoning, Chinese Five Spice, Piri Piri, Harissa, Chilli Lime, Garam Masala, Pescado Verde, Jerk Seasoning, Green Za'atar Use these complimentary recipe card to help your customers with inspiration for how to use their Spicewalla blends.

1 piece in stock.

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