Touchless Mist Sanitizer

Our luxury fine-mist diffuser uses motion sensing technology to dispense quality, hydrating sanitizer with the simple wave of a hand!

  • Touchless Mist Sanitizer
  • Device + Cartridge (178 ml / 6 oz)
  • 3,000+ sprays per cartridge

  • Available in:
    • 'Day at the Spa' has notes of cucumber, honey, & sweet aromatherapies for maximum relaxation.
    • 'Escape to the Sea' With notes of coconut & sea salt you will leave the challenges of the week behind! Take in the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and feel the sand beneath your feet.
    • 'Signature Scent' has notes of fresh eucalyptus & crisp mint for maximum stress relief that will stimulate your body & mind. 
    • 'Summer Day Sorbet' With the irresistible notes of sweet mango, dragon fruit & papaya this scent will transport you to the perfect summer afternoon of enjoying a refreshing treat in the sunshine.
    • 'Rooftop Garden Champagne' has notes of white champagne flowers, fresh orange peel, & wild berries. This best selling fragrance will have you rushing to your favorite rooftop bar and clinking glasses with friends. 
    • 'Midnight Stargazing' has notes of soft lavender, vanilla and ylang ylang.

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