Antique Turkish Bread Board


These vintage wood boards have time traveled to meet you from Turkey where they were originally used for baking bread.—just see those honey tones for proof.  These handmade, hand-carved boards are made from a single piece of wood and bear the marks of generations of loving use. 

They're here in a plethora of shapes and sizes, so there’s all kinds of decorating you can do with ‘em. (We love how they look behind a crock full of utensils.) Think of ‘em as a fast-track to an eclectic, well-loved kitchen space. Stack a small board against a Medium or Large as a great way to style your kitchen counter and backsplash ; entertain guests with drool-worthy charcuterie on an equally beautiful handcrafted board or use it as tray on your countertop and style it with a bowl of fruit, a hand towel and a candle.

Consider each piece an invitation to reclaim its history and carry on the story in your own home. 

As each piece is truly unique, please note images are representational and details may slightly vary. 

This listing is for 1 board even though some pictures show several. 

Dimensions: Sizes range from 28.5 “ to 34” in height and 15” - 18” in width.

3 pieces in stock

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