Turkish Towel Linen

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KAFTHAN's premium Turkish cotton beach and bath towels are lightweight and easy to carry with on a vacation. Our Turkish bath towels and blankets soak up water with ease and dry quickly. Turkish beach towels are sand-resistant which makes them the perfect for a beach trip. Turkish towels can also be used as a light blanket, picnic blanket and stroller cover. Turkish beach towel are a perfect accessory at home and on vacation. Dimensions: 35" x 65" Weight: 0.8lb. Care Instructions: - Wash in cold water - Hang dry only - For best performance, soak in cold water for 24 hours before first use


In the 1960's, our family created a business in Istanbul selling products in Istanbul's one and only world famous Grand Bazaar. For over 50 years, we have introduced travelers of the bazaar to the deep artistic and cultural heritage of Anatolia through items such as jewelry, ceramic pottery, lamps, and fabrics that reflect the region's rich and diverse history. Ever since its founding, our shop has partnered directly with the Anatolian artists and manufacturers of the products in what is now central Turkey. This was a unique strategy at the time and remains our primary differentiation more than 50 years later. Without any middlemen in our supply chain, we have been able to offer honest and decent living wages to the artists while maintaining the best prices in the Istanbul market. Today, we believe our US customers deserve to access this beautiful Anatolian cultural heritage at a reasonable price, and we strive to provide the best selection and quality everyday.

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