Handmade Turkish Copper Mug


VINTAGE DESIGN FOOD GRADE COPPER MUGS - Turkish Copper Mugs are made of 100% Food Safe Pure Copper. Each copper mug went through comprehensive third-party safety and quality testing to ensure it is food safe because we want you to enjoy it without any worries. 

IMPRESSIVE HANDCRAFTING: You already know proper handcrafted copper tumblers are as stunning as they are functional. Enjoy your authentic copper drinkware with a polish finish, you deserve this drinking glasses kit. 

MULTI-PURPOSE USAGE - Imagine you sipping chilled iced teas, frosted cocktails, and water in your new Pure Copper Tumbler Mug. Copper mug is perfect to hold your drink and ice cubes without worrying about spills. Our copper mugs feature a smooth lip with a securely welded handle for comfort and durability. 

DURABLE POT DESIGN: Copper Turkish ayran mug was designed with very durable and fireproof copper to ensure long-term usage. Its sturdy handle system helps you make your best coffee for your best friends. 

5 pieces in stock

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