Plant Tribe: Living Happily Ever After with Plants

Igor JosifovicandJudith de Graaff, the bestselling authors of Urban Jungle, delve into the many ways that nurturing plants helps nurture the soul.

Plant Tribe: Living Happily Ever After with Plants addresses the life-changing magic of living with and caring for plants. Aimed at a wider audience than typical houseplant books, each chapter combines easily digestible plant knowledge, style guidance via real home interiors, and inspiring advice for using plants to increase energy, creativity, and well-being, and to attract love and prosperity.

Also included: real-world @urbanjungleblog followers’ FAQs, a section on plants and pets, and plant care for the different stages of a houseplant’s life. The focus is on using plants to raise the positive energy of every room in the house and to live happily ever after with plants.

“Living with plants has changed my life: Taking care of my green friends helps me feel present in the moment and inspired to more observant and patient. Plant Tribe is full of fresh ideas on how to take plant love to the next level. I’m so glad this book exists!” —Tina Roth Eisenberg, designer, founder of Tattly, CreativeMornings, Friends Work Here, and TeuxDeux

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