Poterie Renault Bowl w/Handles


Recently found among items from one of Poterie Renault's final production runs in the Loire Valley of France, a small grouping of unused classic butter pots.  Known for producing French stoneware that is as beautiful as it is functional, The Poterie Renault company began in 1847 in the small village of Argent-sur-Sauldre, France.

 For five generations, the Renault family produced their beautiful stoneware from the local grey clay. The pottery studio's doors are now sadly closed and their once-busy kilns are quiet, but these authentic, unused pieces tell the story of the soul-nourishing French kitchen.

Add a touch of culinary charm to your table with these Vintage Handled Bowls. Traditionally designed for serving soups, stews, or pasta, this rustic bowl also excels in presenting various dishes and will bring some French flair to your next dining experience. 

Small: 5" in diameter x 2.5" in height.

Large: 6” in diameter x 2.5” in height.

These vintage ceramic pieces are no longer in production, so we are excited to share these rare treasures with our community. 

*Please note that because these pieces are vintage, each one is unique, and there might be slight imperfections and variations in the size, color, or glaze of a product. 

9 pieces in stock

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