Turkish Coffee Pot


Turkish coffee Pot is specially designed with copper material to ensure its durability and long-term usage. 

It is a perfect choice for Turkish, and Arabic coffee lovers. You will confirm the quality stovetop coffee maker pot after tasting your first cup of coffee. It has a unique and modern design, and it is suitable for multipurpose usage. Turkish coffee pots can be used as a warmer and melting pot. You can warm your sauces and other beverages such as milk, oil, and water while cooking. A stovetop pot will be your favorite tool in your kitchen. It is also perfect for melting butter and chocolate while you are cooking or preparing your best cake.  

It is not dishwasher safe and recommended not to use more detergent or chemicals.  

For long-lasting performance and to preserve its appearance, we suggest using low to medium heat when cooking delicious recipes for your loved ones.

DO NOT RUB your cups with wire or other any kind of hard cleaning materials. Rubbing may lead to scratching the surface of your product and losing its features. 

  • VINTAGE UNIQUE DESIGN - Handmade hammered copper cezve is a vintage, antique, unique, and cute design. Impress your guests while serving thanks to its traditional elegance. It can also be used for decorative purposes. Also, a great idea for a gift.  
  • DELICIOUS COOKING – Make delicious coffees with this traditional copper coffee pot. It's not just coffee. You can use it to melt butter, make hot chocolate, prepare herbal tea, and more.  
  • STOVETOP AND OVEN - Suitable for stovetop use, including gas and electric stoves. You can also use it safely in the oven. It cannot be used on an induction cooker.  
  • HIGH QUALITY AND FOOD SAFE MATERIAL - This copper pot is made of high-quality European copper. The body part is Pure Copper. The inner surface is tin-plated. It is completely natural and safe, contains no toxins or lead, and is 100% environmentally friendly and healthy.  

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