Vintage Washboard


This old wooden washboard is made of wood with hand-carved ridges and groves for scrubbing. This lovely carved wood Asian washboard has a well worn and semi-oxidized finish. Originally used in rural area to do laundry. This vintage panels would look great as a wall art or as a vintage tray, candle holder or cheese board.

Knowing these vintage washboards were used to hand-scrub clothes and home textiles in villages across Asia makes it even more special! The wood boards and their hand-carved grooves are original and each bares their own markings so they are completely unique and no two scrub boards are alike! 

Now let’s get into all the ways you can use this vintage washboard! Add style to any table by giving your plated appetizers or desserts a beautiful presentation OR add pillar candles and create the most stunning dining room centerpiece! We also love the idea of using this gem to store rolled up hand towels soaps and lotions in the bathroom! We just love it SO much and cannot wait to see how you use it!

size: 50cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 2cm (D) - sizes are approximate only

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